Classic Appeal

Don’t get me wrong – I love modern hi-tech. design and material: Polypropylene, PU coated nylon, ballistic nylon, closed-cell foam, Gore-tex, Polyurethane coating, dry-flow air mesh, and the like.

But there’s just… something… about the classic materials: canvas, leather, and brass buckles.  There’s a ‘je ne sais quoi’, a timeless-ness. And a certain tactile quality.

For me, both designs (modern and classic) have their place.

DSC00181 (Resized)

DSC00188 (Resized)DSC00182 (Resized)


DSC05284-Edit (Resized)

DSC05290-Edit (Resized)

DSC05287-Edit (Resized)



"Three days before Mars Observer was scheduled to enter the orbit of Mars, contact with the spacecraft was lost. Attempts to re-establish communication with the spacecraft were unsuccessful" ...until now.

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