The Best Camera

It’s been said that ‘The best camera is the one you have with you’. But is that true of Night Photography? Many specialized genres of photography call for specialized equipment. Using the right tool for the job certainly makes completing a task easier. But we shouldn’t confuse ‘ease’ with ‘necessity’. Nor should we shy from […]

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Beer And Zombies (and F2.8 vs F4)

I purchased the bargain-priced Minolta 70-210mm f4 ‘beer can’ lens this past Spring for a ‘proof of concept’, possibly as a step toward purchasing the (not-so-bargain-priced) Sony G 70-200mm f4. I don’t shoot indoor sports. And with the ability to push the ISO on modern cameras, I’m really not concerned about getting the shutter speeds I […]

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Detour In The Night

Sony A7 & 55mm f1.8 ZA As mentioned, it’s time for another detour! This isn’t the first for MarsWeekly – about a year ago (Nov 2013) I took a detour to focus on ‘Travel Light Photography‘. I like detours as they allow me to focus a little more fully on a particular topic or area. […]

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The Night Diaries (coming soon)

Sony A7 & FE 55mm F1.8 ZA What a crazy day it’s been! Things just didn’t go smoothly,with work problems spilling over into the early evening. I certainly didn’t accomplish much (any?) of what I had intended today (including writing a fuller blog post). That’s the way it goes sometimes – I’m sure you know […]

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Mini Nuit Blanche

As someone who enjoys night photography, I was hoping to make it to Toronto last weekend for Nuit Blanche. For those unfamiliar, Nuit Blanche is an all night, dusk to dawn festival celebrated in many major cities that sees the urban jungle transformed through various (usually lit-up) art installations. Unfortunately there seems to be quite […]

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